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At Bellamy Dental we provide services from basic dental check-ups, cleanings, whitening to more comprehensive treatment such as dentistry asleep using oral moderate sedation, CEREC restorations and dental implants.
Gum therapy can help you have healthy gums.

Laser Gum Therapy

A laser has many benefits. When tissues are treated with a laser, it will not only remove infected tissues, but it will disinfect the area by killing the bacteria that the laser light comes into contact with. This leads to faster healing.

Night Guard (Bruxism Appliance)

Bruxism is the grinding or clenching of the teeth, which often occurs during sleep. About one-­‐third of the population brux or clench their teeth. These destructive habits can destroy tooth structure. The force during bruxism is many times greater than the force during normal chewing. These forces can cause worn down teeth, broken teeth, loose teeth, sensitive teeth, sore or tired muscles, headaches and damage to jaw joints. Not all the causes of bruxism are known, however, stress is often

Athletic Mouth Guard

A single blow to the mouth or jaw can cause serious dental damage that is very painful and expensive to treat. You can minimize the risk of this type of injury by using a mouth guard during sports and other recreational activities. Mouth guards are resilient appliances that fit over the teeth. They help protect against injuries to the teeth and other areas in and around your mouth. A mouth guard acts as a cushion that redistributes the force of the blow. Many studies have shown that mouth