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Bridges, Implants & Dentures

By replacing your lost teeth, you will both look and feel better about your appearance. You will be able to chew your foods more thoroughly, enabling you to properly swallow and digest. This will help your body maximize nutrition levels; which, in turn, will promote good overall health. Having an attractive set of teeth will also help to boost your self-esteem. People always notice a great smile!
At Bellamy Dental we offer three different methods to replace your missing teeth. Bridges are a replacement tooth that is fixed to either your natural teeth or a dental implant; they can be used for one or more missing teeth. A dental implant is a screw that is placed into your jaw and acts as a tooth root. The implant receives a crown to complete the look. Bridges and dental implants are solutions that are fixed in the mouth, where as the last option we offer are dentures. Dentures are replacement teeth that are not fixed in the mouth.